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Seating Ideas for Rustic Weddings

When you’re looking for ceremony seating options, you’re not limited to simply choosing from a rental catalog. The seats you choose for your wedding ceremony will affect the overall look, and may even mean that you need to do less decorating. Depending on the atmosphere you are hoping to set for your wedding, your seating could be anywhere from a casual and cozy picnic blanket setting to perfectly placed lines of chiavari chairs. Here are some of our favorite options for wedding ceremony seating.


Although chairs are the most obvious seating option, there so many different types to choose some. Your venue may have chairs available, and if they aren’t the look or color you like, you can rent or purchase chair covers in all sorts of colors and materials. There are also many rental options – folding chairs, chiavari chairs, tuscan…. the list goes on!

Pews or Benches

Pews and benches give a unique look to a ceremony and are even easier to set up than chairs. Many rental companies offer benches, but if you’re lucky, you may be able to borrow or rent them from a local church or school.

Straw or Hay Bales

The ultimate in rustic wedding seating! If you know someone with a farm, you could likely borrow them for free (or as a gift), as they will still be usable after the wedding. They look great on their own, but it’s best to cover the tops with a fabric runner to keep your guests comfortable.

Mismatched Seating

The right collection of mismatched seating can look great at a wedding ceremony. A nice thing about this option is that you might be able to use some of your own furniture, or borrow from family and friends, and then rent a small number of chairs to fill in the gaps.

Picnic Style

For a casual picnic or BBQ wedding, picnic blanket seating is unique and memorable. You can pick blankets in advance, or even have guests bring their own and stake out the perfect spot on the lawn to watch you tie the knot.

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