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Outdoor Games for Wedding Guests of all Ages

We love a great DJ here at Heartland Meadows, but we will be the first to admit that they aren’t the only type of wedding entertainment available! On top of a rocking dance party, a great way to keep your guests having fun together – especially at an outdoor wedding – is to have a variety of games for people to play.

Outdoor games are great for the downtime between the ceremony and reception, Especially if your entire wedding is at the same location and your guests won’t be leaving. They are also great to keep people mingling and having fun during cocktail hour (a time when there is always a risk that people are just ‘killing time’ before the real fun starts). Lastly, if you have a large number of kids on your guest list, a great selection of games will engage your littlest guests and keep them from getting bored at your reception.

You may also choose to have games available during your dance for added entertainment. This might keep your guests having fun all night, but keep in mind – games can draw a crowd! If this is the case, that may draw people away from the dance floor.

If your wedding has a theme, it is easy to coordinate your outdoor games to match. A carnival or county fair theme just wouldn’t be complete without a few midway games! Classic games like cornhole, horseshoes, ring toss or croquet are fun and easy for all ages to play together.

You can even show your personality by putting unique twists on the outdoor games. For a sporty or competitive couple this is pretty straightforward (make the couple’s favorite sports available to play at the wedding!), but it’s easy to inject personality no matter who you are. Are the newlyweds board game lovers? Have giant Jenga or twister set up for people to enjoy. Even finding hackey sacks, footballs and basketballs in your wedding colors can bring some of your unique wedding flavor into your game area.

Be creative and keep the focus on having fun, and you’re sure to give your guests a day to remember!

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