5 Important Logistic Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue | Heartland Meadows


You found it… the perfect wedding venue! You just finished the facility tour and have already started choosing complimentary table linens in your head – even before the contract is signed.

It’s easy to get so caught up in the excitement of finding your dream wedding venue that you forget to ask some of the more important logistic questions. However, the answers to logistic questions will have a huge impact on how your wedding comes to life, how much work it will take you to plan your wedding, and (possibly most importantly) how much it will cost you to use that venue.

Unless you were looking at a truly all-inclusive wedding venue, the amenities that are and aren’t available at potential wedding venues will have a large impact on your total wedding budget. In this post we will touch on some of the most important logistic questions to ask your wedding venue before you make a final decision.

Does the venue have enough bathrooms to accommodate your number of guests? 

The last place you want your wedding guests hanging out at your reception is in the line to use the bathroom! It’s not particularly glamorous, but make sure you check out how many bathroom stalls are available at a potential venue, and do some research to find out whether this will be enough for your guest list. Portable washroom trailers and port-a-potties are available to rent but it is up to you whether the expense and efforts to organize those rentals will be worth it.

What sort of kitchen facilities are available?

If the on-site kitchen is a large commercial kitchen, you may be able to heat and cool food right at the venue. If they don’t offer on-site catering, it will be important to know what is available, and communicate that to potential caterers. Even if you have a caterer take care of dinner, you may be using the kitchen to prepare a late lunch, drink table or desserts – can the on-site kitchen handle what you need, or will you need to rent additional equipment?

Are there refrigerators available, and how large are they?

Depending on your wedding dessert plans, you may need refrigerator space to house your wedding cake – especially if you’re getting married on hot summer day. A household refrigerator will probably not be large enough to hold all of your cupcakes and cake, so you need to check what’s available and find out how that affects your dessert.

Are plates, cups and cutlery included in the venue fee?

If these items are included, there will usually be a breakage fee or deposit. If they are not included, a mobile catering company may include them in their prices or be able to bring them at an extra charge. If neither of those options are available, you may need to rent dinnerware.

Although it’s easy to find a rental company, it can be hard to determine how many of each item you need – remember, people will use a new glass every time they order a drink, and you’ll need quite a large quantity if there won’t be a dishwasher available (or staff to clear tables). All of these expenses can add up, so it’s important to ask these questions before you determine if your venue works within your budget!

Are there tables or linens included?

Some venues offer both rectangle and round tables, and others will only have one option available. The available table shape may have an impact on your preferred table setup – you won’t be able to have a long, family-style setup if they only have round tables. Will you need to rent extra tables to bring your vision to life?

Similarly, some venues include white or black table linens – find out the sizes and what those linens will look like, so you can start to envision your centerpieces and table settings as a whole.

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