Fun Ways to Keep your Wedding Guests Hydrated At An Outdoor Wedding | Heartland Meadows


  • Cold bottles of soda or lemonade – A great place to start is to provide cool bottles of soda or lemonade for each guest. You may even consider customizing the label on each bottle or color coordinating the soda with your wedding colors for a unique wedding favor.
  • Drink ‘bar’ – a lemonade bar where guests can choose from a few different flavors and garnishes, And topped there drink off with it color coordinated straw, of course! This also works for sweet tea!
  • Water – Keep it simple buy providing water in a few cute dispensers. You can add a little excitement to each water jug by adding slices of fresh fruit, cucumber or a herb like mint or rosemary.
  • On the rocks – fill in large bucket or even a wheelbarrow or water trough with ice and pop a variety of canned or bottled drinks send it to keep them cool and let guests help themselves to a nice cold drink. Make sure there is a bottle opener nearby!

Don’t forget to accessorize! This is a perfect opportunity to tie your wedding decor theme in with things like matching straws, drink umbrellas and fun signage.