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How to Choose The Perfect Wedding Venue

Many wedding planning resources will tell you that the venue is the first thing you need to confirm. In fact, many couples choose a venue before they set a date, choosing the wedding date based on when their preferred wedding venue is available.

However, there are number of questions you should ask yourself before you even start looking at wedding venues. First of all, decide what sort of atmosphere you would like to create for your wedding. This should be in line with your personalities and who you are as a couple. For example, the bride and groom who love to dance, drink, and party will probably choose a different wedding atmosphere than the couple who prefers an intimate and elegant dinner party!

Once you’ve chosen the atmosphere, you can move on to picking the theme of the wedding – again, keeping in step with your unique personalities and what’s important to you as a couple.

Will your wedding be elegant, intimate, romantic, rustic, country or glamorous… or something else entirely? The options are truly endless! But once you decide on a theme and combine that with your desired atmosphere, your wedding vision will start to take shape. Then, as you start to consider wedding venues, you will be able to tell right away whether a potential location is going to fit your wedding vision.

Of course, each wedding venue is going to have some basic factors that will determine whether it’s in the running to be chosen for your wedding:

  • Capacity – It’s going to be challenging to create an intimate atmosphere if your wedding venue has a capacity of 500 guests!
  • Location – The location of your wedding venue will have a big impact on the logistics of your wedding day. How far is it from where most of your guests will be staying? How far is it from where you will be getting ready? What will you need for transportation?
  • Amenities – If you want to have a relaxed wedding day (for everyone involved), it might be important to choose a ‘full-service’ venue, so you and your family members won’t spend all day working. Similarly, if you want to have a killer dance party, there will need to be a great space for it.

Then, of course, the price of the venue (and the price of the food, if they’re providing it), will help you narrow down your options. Once you’re down to a few favorites, you get to do the fun part: visiting each venue and envisioning how your wedding will look in each location!
We hope that these pointers have giving you some directions for finding the perfect wedding venue, especially in the Smoky Mountains. We would love to tell you what makes Heartland Meadows so special – get in touch today!