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5 Ways to Keep your Bridal Party Cool During a Summer Wedding

For a lot of people, being in the spotlight as a bridesmaid or groomsman on a wedding day is enough to make them sweat. Add that to the hot summer sun, and you’ve got a bunch of bridal party members who are going to be in need of some serious shade during the big day! If you’re planning for an outdoor wedding in the summer make sure you consider ways to give your bridal party members a break from the heat throughout the day, so they enjoy your wedding for all it’s worth.

First of all, consider the temperature before choosing the bridal party outfits. For your bridesmaids, consider a classy cotton dress rather than one made of heavy satin material. Satin is not only extremely hot to wear, it also shows any drops of sweat… not a great combination on a hot summer day! For the groomsmen, consider going the route of a dapper dress shirt, bow tie and suspenders look – without a suit jacket. Trust us, your groomsman won’t miss that extra layer of clothing when the sun is shining down on them on your wedding day.

You could also have your bridesmaids accessorize with fans or parasols – they make great props for photos, too!

Next, put some thought into your photo locations. At many weddings, the bridal party photos take place during the mid afternoon when the sun is high and hot in the sky. Try to plan your photos for indoors or in the shade, or at least break up any outdoor photos with an indoor location just to give your bridal party break from the heat.

Don’t forget to stop for ice cream! We can guarantee that your bridal party won’t object to taking a break from the festivities for a cool, sweet treat on your wedding day. Plus, the bride and groom sharing a lick of the same ice cream cone makes for a pretty cute photo opportunity!

Lastly, plan ahead by making sure that there are plenty of bottles of water available throughout the day for the bridal party. If you have to, delegate a family member to be the ‘bridal party hydrator’, ready to keep an eye on everyone’s water bottles and replacing them with a fresh one when needed.

With a little bit of planning ahead, you should be able to keep your bridal party cool and having a great time even on the hottest summer wedding day!